(86):It’s a patient exploration where discovery is free

(86):It’s a patient exploration where discovery is free

Lyrics from Jamie Cullum - Everything You Didn't Do

Hola everyone! It's been a week since I wrote my last post. I wish I could write during weekdays, but I only go out mainly because of school and do the same thing every single day. I took these photos during the weekend (by the time I'm writing this it's already Monday) and I am thankful for August because she asked me to go out yesterday. I am actually broke, but I still said yes so I could eat different food for dinner lol

I never met a pizza like you before --haha smart ass!
It's my first time ordering from Pizza Up and I am so impressed! The pizza is still burning hot and really good! I'd totally recommend it for expats who are living in Saigon. 10/10.

This is Baked Mozarella Rice (can't recall the exact name) and I guess this is one of their best sellers. Mozarella cheese + chicken strips + rice = gooood combination! Costs almost 5 usd, but I got a discount so I only paid more or less than 3 usd.

Also ordered their White Iced  Coffee which is soooo good! Man, I wish they could sponsor me with this lol haha gotta love Vietnamese coffee!

(85): I’ll take the trouble that you have in mind

(85): I’ll take the trouble that you have in mind

Lyrics from Phoenix - Entertainment
I've known this song for 2-3 years and it never gets old! It's hard not to bob your head to the beat!!

Hiiiii guys! It hasn't been super long since my last post! Today is a really good day because I did a bit of shopping with my friend August. I snapped almost everything that happened today (snapchat: kattierivera20) so add meee and I'll add you back!!
Let's start with the photos first from few days ago:

Woof! One of my fave Snapchat filters, but I hate how visible my dark circles are :D

Took this yesterday since I was so early and my first class was 1:25 PM. I only work in the afternoon from 1:25-4 PM so you now understand why I sleep late.

I didn't know Camera 360 has cute effects like this! :D I've never taken selfies in a while because I have a lot of insecurities! First, my pimple. I have one huge pimple on my right cheek and small one under my nose which is a bit visible. Second, my hair is always a mess; I should have had a hair treatment when I was in the Philippines :((  Third, eyebags/dark circles. I always feel like I take nice selfies when I am in a really good mood. And I guess I was in a good mood yesterday because it was the last day of classes for the week! xD

(84): She says that people stare ‘cuz we look so good together

(84): She says that people stare ‘cuz we look so good together

Lyrics from Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm

A viral video of Manny Pacquiao circulated on the web few days ago about his opinion on same-sex marriage.
The interview was in Filipino so here is an excerpt from TMZ.com:

Pacman strongly condemned gay marriage -- saying, "It's common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female?"

Manny went on say ... "The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals."
Here's my two cents. 
lol just kidding :P

To the people who feel bad about what he said,
To be honest I agree with what Manny said, but at the same time I am not against gay marriage. Am I weird? For me his only mistake is comparing men from animals. But it is also said that humans are the highest form of animals, therefore we are animals (?) LOL. I don't see wrong with what he said because it's a fact. Whatever happens we can't change the fact that man is for woman, woman is for man. Adam is for Eve, Eve is for Adam. And people reacted in a negative way especially the LGBT community because it is true and truth hurts. I don't hate gays. In fact I have gay friends. Aren't we entitled to our own opinion? Manny was asked and he answered. If you don't like his answer then get over it. Manny is a religious person and he follows the Bible hence the reason for saying that. We have our own beliefs and we need to respect it.

 @mannypacquiao IG
It clearly states that Manny condemns gay marriage, but not the LGBT community. So chill, guys.

(83): My trip to the Philippines (family celebration)

(83): My trip to the Philippines (family celebration)

Hi guys! Blogging again because I have a spare time at the moment :P When I was in the Philippines we had our family celebration and I am guessing this is our first celeb ever since my grandpa died :(
 There were 4 people in the family whose birthdays were around January and first week of February. We also considered this as my welcoming party/despedida party lol

Let's have a short recap: 4th - 6th February -- house hunting in Cavite; afternoon of 6th Feb -- we headed to Laguna, east of Cavite, for the celebration. It was almost 2 hours drive, but all good because I was just listening to music the whole time. The name of the place is Belzer Private Resort so yeap, the house was all ours for 2 nights. :)

F E B 6

My cousin with her baby.

By the time we arrived they were still filling in water to the pool. This is very close to the mountains and the houses here are all private resorts/hot springs. I wish we got the one with hot springs but it's okay because the water is NOT cold at all. It's very warm.

(82): My trip to the Philippines (getting a new house)

(82): My trip to the Philippines (getting a new house)

Hiiii guysss! I was not able to keep up with my previous post about posting my Day 2-11 in the Philippines because I was super busy, but I am back in Vietnam now so brace yourselves because I'll be uploading tons of photos from my trip xx And yes the main highlight of this post will talk about my family and I getting a new house in the Philippines and I can't freaking wait for them to move!!

I don't think I was able to talk about this here, but ever since I was a baby my family did not have our own house (but my mom inherited lands in our hometown) and to make the story short, I decided that it's a really great time now to have our own house instead of us renting. This had been a plan since last year and it is one of the reasons why I went back to the Philippines. Let's proceed to the photos, shall we?
The photos down below show the bare model house:

We got a townhouse (model house photo on the left) and it has balcony! How freaking cool is that!?

The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath. Ahh I can't wait to move!

These photos are all mine. My parents and I went to visit different model houses Thursday last week and that was also the time I paid for the reservation fee :)

(81): My trip to the Philippines (Day 1)

(81): My trip to the Philippines (Day 1)

Hi guys!! I'm blogging using my phone right now because I didn't bring my laptop! It's a pain in the arse bringing heavy stuff with me and I don't want to complain a lot about how heavy my backpack is. I had a smooth travel even if the flight was 20-30 minutes delayed!
My thoughts are very unorganized at the moment, but I just want to update you guys about the things that had happened in the past 4 days :) I will try to write again probably next week before I leave for Vietnam and write a detailed post when I arrive back. Soooooo here are the photos! Will try to organize them from Day 1 to Day 4 ;p

My airport ootd. Ahhh did I forget to mention how I miss Mochi so much!? My landlord is the one taking care of Mochi. He gives food and cleans his mess. I'm happy he didn't need to go to a stranger's house but I'm sad that he's alone and no one plays with him >< wait a bit more, Mochi. Mommy's coming back soon!
Delayed flight! After taking this snap I felt like there's a dead person beside me lol haha kinda creepy