♥ (92): My Gmarket Haul

Okay guys, the long wait is over!!!!!!!! My orders from Gmarket are here!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! :))) I was on cloud 9 while I was opening the box! The good news is that I did not pay tax so this won't be the last time I'll be ordering from Gmarket :)
So without further ado let's proceed to the photos!!

The customs opened the box, but it's okay because they didn't check the clothes inside the plastic bags :)

 Here they are!!!
Also, I notice I KEPT touching my hair in the photos and I really don't know why T_T It's probably just another habit of mine lol just ignore it, k

This blouse is definitely my favorite of all the clothes I bought in my entire life!! Okay maybe I'm just exaggerating lol but seriously though I really, really love this! I love that you can put that tie or something on the neck or just style 'em up whatever the hell you want.

Here are the photos again from Gmarket to compare. I know I am nothing compared to the model lol #dontjudge :p I wish I could post a link to this just in case you're interested to purchase it, but I am too busy (or lazy) haha

Second one I got is this sweater. I was a bit disappointed because the clothing material is too thin >< But I think it's okay.... yeah, it's fine... :> I should have gotten pink or gray in size M >,< All good!

Next is this pair of shorts! I like it, it's just TOO short for me, and I don't think I could wear this in public unless it's night time HAHAHA I don't have the nicest legs so....

I have fat thighs :< Anyway, I did not order the sweater I am wearing in the photos. I don't know, probably the store gave it for free, but it's too tight so I can't wear this T-T

I did not order this shirt either, but I like it :) That's all I have to say, I like it. lol

This is what the shorts look like on the model.

Hey I wore it better! LOL who am I kidding

Some extra photos of my favorite blouse. It's really hard holding a huge phone when taking mirror selfies ><

The caption of my Snapchat says it all. Lesson learned -- I should get size 26 and not size 27. I don't even know why I ordered 27 T-T If only I could turn back time..... ALSO IS IT JUST ME OR THE COLOR IS DIFFERENT??? But it's okay Gmarket, I forgive you lol 

I did not receive the 2 tees I ordered, but things happen for a reason :P I like the replacement except the black sweater that's too tight. Soooo... I think that's all for today! I'm sorry I'm just really bad at explaining at the moment, there's tons of things in my head. Lesson plan, making of final exam, evaluation report for my students, online work, being broke (lol)... Too much things!!! And I was anxious last night because I really wanted to blog, but I was busy downloading videos for my online work. I also made a short quiz for my students tomorrow! Ughhhh!! I just want to play Sims 2... :(( 

I have to go to work in an hour, so I'll talk to you later!