♥ (102): Saying goodbye to S.Y. 2015-2016

♥ (102): Saying goodbye to S.Y. 2015-2016

Hey guys!! What's up? :) It's a lovely Sunday night~ I just colored my nails sky blue and tomorrow is the last day of class YASSSSS, but nahhhh! Last day of class means no salary for 2 months HAHAHA August please come faster lol
Also I am done with online work last night yeyyyy :) I hope to get paid this week :p New work will start as soon as the client accepts our work so fingers crossed! I am so thankful I still get to work and earn moolah during summer vacation.

So since school is ending let me show you pictures of some of my Grade 9 students

L-R: Jack, Tino, Jessica, Sophie, Raymond, Wendy, Bunny
This photo was taken on Friday and there were only 7 students in the class :D Most of their classmates are lazy to go to school now because summer vacay is just around the corner

They are soOoO cute, but they can be annoying sometimes! I like Bunny because I get to tease him a lot :P I told him I'm happy that school's ending so I don't get to see his face anymore and he's like, "Teacher WHYYYYYY" haha! Tino is a very responsible student especially when we review for quizzes/exams. He's so attentive and jots down notes all the time! :) Jack is Chinese (I just found out weeks ago LOL) but of course he speaks Vietnamese in class. He pays attention during class discussion and asks questions when he does not know the meaning of the word or the story. He's not shy to ask unlike other students who will just say 'yes' or not going to raise their hand even if they have questions or whatnot

Next is my favorite class.
Fact: They were my students when I had my demo class in this school. In short, they are my first LEGIT students in Vietnam HAHAHA

This picture was taken on Saturday.
Look at the girls in the middle ahhhh~~ sooo cute! :3 This class is very organized and not SUPER noisy unlike other classes. They listen whenever I tell them to keep quiet; most of them participate in class discussions and I get to comfortably joke around them.
Oh heyyy that's me! I LOOK SO TINY HAHAHA
L-R: Nancy, Bill, Tina, Anna 1, Linh, Anna 2, Jayce (at the back), Harry (who is hiding), Ian, Vinh (at Ian's back), Joe
L-R: Next to Anna 2 is Mimi (one of my favorite students), Laxy, me, Gunder, and Vanessa (one of my favorite students
Fact: Bill and Lacy used to be a couple, but they broke up recently

I told them that they can use my phone to talk selfies so this is what happened :) I'm a nice teacher haha

♥ (101): All I want is an adventure for the dreams in my head

♥ (101): All I want is an adventure for the dreams in my head

→ Lyrics from Cheat Codes - Adventure
Hi guys! I finally have (limited) time to blog about my Nha Trang trip! Yayy!
It's been a month since my trip so apologize for the lack of details :< I only based it from the hundreds of photos I took heehee!

I stayed in Nha Trang for 3 days. The traveling time (8-9 hours) was cray cray, but I seriously love Nha Trang more than Ho Chi Minh City. Let's start on my 2nd day first when I went to Vinpearl. Adult ticket costs $27 each; quite pricey yeah, but it was worth it!

We had to wait in a queue to ride a cable car to Vinpearl Land since it is located in another island. We can ride a boat, ferry, or cable car. Note: You must pay the tickets first before riding the cable car.

So this is your view from the cable car. On the right photo you can already see the name VINPEARL :) Even if you are on the road you can never miss seeing this island and the word Vinpearl on it.

 This (left photo) is the first thing you will see as soon as you step out of the cable car.

I forgot what time we arrived, but I think it was around 10 AM and there were few people that time. I was really happy despite the heat because we did not have to wait in a queue for the rides :D

The first ride August and I tried is the Sky Drop. I love this ride so much and I felt like my heart dropped!! I was screaming, "omg, shit, oh my god" the whole time hahaha we rode this twice, one was in the morning and the second one was in the afternoon ;D Way better than the roller coaster, hate it!

♥ (100): Dear hater, stop this bs

♥ (100): Dear hater, stop this bs

If you want to catch up on this story, here are the links: 

To my hater,
Girl, aren't you tired of this BS? I still don't know your issues with me, but I don't care anymore because you are just someone I met online and you're insecure so I've got nothing to do I guess? I mean you blocked me and all that just because of an immature reason and I've come to the conclusion that you are not a real friend so I've got nothing to lose.

This is the last straw.
I have no issues with you whatsoever but yesterday I found out you were faking your nationality, like what the actual fuck? You even videocalled your so-called-bestfriends and told them you are Korean??? FFS girl HAHAHAHA pleeeease, I know you are good at speaking Korean, but telling people you are Korean even if you aren't is complete and utter bullshit HAHAHA you're delusional.

Girl, where do you get your confidence to say you are Korean? I know you've been using photos of Korean girls, but ahhhh I cringe every time people say/think you are Korean. Aren't you proud of being Malaysian? Aren't you proud of being in Malaysia truly Asia? LOL 

♥ (99): My Gmarket Haul: Nighttime skincare routine

♥ (99): My Gmarket Haul: Nighttime skincare routine

Hola!! Oh my god I've been MIA over the past 2 weeks T_T Guess what I am still doing my online work argh!! But I'm closed to finishing; I am currently doing my last theme (but I still have to edit previous themes :<) It's stressing the fuck out of me because I have a new online work (yesssss) that I'll be doing after this but if I won't be able to finish the work I'm currently doing this week then my manager will hand it to others. But I am greedy so I'mma get the new work for sure!

Anyway, typing this "skincare routine" feels like I'm a pro in doing this hahaha but in fact I just copy other Youtubers because why not! And since you don't know about what happened in the past, here let me give you a short summary (because I have limited time to blog & continue work after this).

I ordered 9 products from Gmarket; these are combinations of skin care and makeup. But for now I'm going to show you the creams that I bought. If I remember correctly I got them last week and you have no idea how ecstatic I was when I saw this HUGE box of goodies!

80% of the boxes are cosmetics, but I'm going to show it in another post. I don't know when I will be posting again T_T I know I have tons of pending posts to upload. I really, really want to blog, but online work is cray cray!
Preview of the cosmetics lol and yep I paid $97 in total including shipping fee. The amount is ridiculous if you convert it to Philippine peso and I can't believe I spent that much money on cosmetics, like why did I become a girl, but they make me pretty so all good lol

♥ (98): Taking a sleeper bus in Saigon

♥ (98): Taking a sleeper bus in Saigon

Hola guys! It's been 2 weeks since my last post >< I have been very busy like ughhh! If you are following me on Instagram you'll know that I went on a trip outside Ho Chi Minh City from 22nd to 25th April and it was one of my best trips so far because I went to Vinpearl, but that would be in a different post because there's TOO MUCH stories (and photos) behind that. Also I am EXTREMELY busy with my online work T~T I am making a curriculum for this kindergarten school (I think?) in China and tbh with you it's not my forte so... :( But the pay is... :))))

Anyway enough with the intro and let's focus on the title of this post. So I went to Nha Trang and stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. The travel time is almost 9 hours so going there via sleeper bus is a MUST! If you are wondering which bus I took, just click the link for more information =) My Vietnamese friend booked a ticket for me and I paid around $9 for one way.
Photo from Google
It's funny because the name of the bus company is FUTA Bus Lines and in Filipino (and Spanish) the word PUTA means whore, bitch, slut, or fuck(when expressing anger).

I took this picture when I was already inside the bus. I was running on 2 hours sleep because of online work so I pretty much slept the whole time xD

Inside the bus! There are three columns and two decks on the sleeper bus.