♥ (101): All I want is an adventure for the dreams in my head

♥ (101): All I want is an adventure for the dreams in my head

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Hi guys! I finally have (limited) time to blog about my Nha Trang trip! Yayy!
It's been a month since my trip so apologize for the lack of details :< I only based it from the hundreds of photos I took heehee!

I stayed in Nha Trang for 3 days. The traveling time (8-9 hours) was cray cray, but I seriously love Nha Trang more than Ho Chi Minh City. Let's start on my 2nd day first when I went to Vinpearl. Adult ticket costs $27 each; quite pricey yeah, but it was worth it!

We had to wait in a queue to ride a cable car to Vinpearl Land since it is located in another island. We can ride a boat, ferry, or cable car. Note: You must pay the tickets first before riding the cable car.

So this is your view from the cable car. On the right photo you can already see the name VINPEARL :) Even if you are on the road you can never miss seeing this island and the word Vinpearl on it.

 This (left photo) is the first thing you will see as soon as you step out of the cable car.

I forgot what time we arrived, but I think it was around 10 AM and there were few people that time. I was really happy despite the heat because we did not have to wait in a queue for the rides :D

The first ride August and I tried is the Sky Drop. I love this ride so much and I felt like my heart dropped!! I was screaming, "omg, shit, oh my god" the whole time hahaha we rode this twice, one was in the morning and the second one was in the afternoon ;D Way better than the roller coaster, hate it!