♥ (130): How my iPhone 6s+ got stolen in Vietnam

Hi guys! I know I haven't blogged in weeks! I apologize >< So many bad (and good ofc) things happened e.g. like the title of this post. Yes, my iPhone got stolen last week. Yes my fucking iPhone 6s+ rose gold is gone. YES MY FUCKING IPHONE IS GONE AND I CAN'T FUCKING MOVE ON AND I DON'T KNOW WHEN WILL I MOVE ON BECAUSE I FUCKING MISS MY PHONE EVERY SINGLE DAY AND THAT PHONE COSTS AN ARM AND A LEG WHAT THE FUCK. ok sorry. I just can't get over it....

I miss my iPhone so much :<

But first, a little history and the backstory.

This is the time when I first got my iPhone6s+. I purchased it 10 November last year so it's now a year old. I bought it the day I got paid in my online work. So why was my iPhone stolen? Ok here's the backstory:

Here in Vietnam they have what they call "xeom" or a motorbike taxi. Thuong, my Vietnamese friend, referred me to a xeom who will pick me up to and from school. Yes I can use Grabbike or Uber, but when I'm in a hurry I don't want to wait for the driver to arrive. There are times that drivers don't know my exact location and I don't know how to explain to them since they can't really speak/understand English. So long story short, this driver named Thanh became my xeom. He was a good guy and I treated him nicely. He was always on time and speaks OK English. He's in his late twenties or thirties. It was 15th of November (Tuesday. I had no work in the morning) when I asked him to pick me up early like 12.30 pm because I had to photocopy a quiz. I always put my bag below him in the motorbike because I carry my laptop and it's heavy as fuck. When I went to the photocopy shop my bag was left with him. (Mind you, this was NOT the first time I left him with my bag. It happened MANY times and none of my stuff went missing.) After that we went to school and reminded him to pick me up at 3.45 PM. I sat down, feeling exhausted from the heat, checked my phone in my bag... BOOM! It was gone. I started to panic, but then maybe I just left it in my room. I asked my co-teacher to ring my phone, but it was off. Hmmm.. suspicious.. Why would my phone be off?? I never turned my phone off. During my 3 classes I still couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to go home early and check if I really left it in my room. 

3.45 PM - the xeom was not in his usual place. Why didn't the xeom pick me up? He was never late. He was always in front of the school waiting for me. I started to REALLY panic. I arrived home and my phone was not there. It's gone. It's missing. I freaked out. I called Ted using my Kakaotalk desktop. I cried and cried. Where is my phone???? I logged on to Find my iPhone app only to find this:
2 hours I was in class, the xeom already restored my iPhone (I guess..) I couldn't locate it until now. I wish I knew it sooner.... 
I reported it to the police 2 days after my phone went missing. Thuong also found the Facebook account of the xeom, but unfortunately he didn't upload any photos of him, but I messaged his Facebook friends and told them I'm willing to give a reward to people who can help me. One person said he will help me and right now I'm just waiting for his update. I lost my phone November 15. 5 days before my birthday... Hah... I know there's a slim chance in getting my phone back, but I have a feeling he's using my phone. Or maybe he already sold it to someone :( I don't know.......

So there you go! Here's my story on how I lost my iPhone in Vietnam and how I will never get it back. 
I just have few questions about the iPhone:
1. So people can easily restore your device without typing in your password first?
2. IF my iPhone was already restored, it means I won't be able to track it anymore. Yes? 
3. Regarding the picture above, pending actions will take effect when this iPhone connects to the internet. What does that mean? Does it mean my iPhone is still off (because he can't restore my phone since I need to input my password first) or he restored it already?

Anyway, I'm still glad he didn't steal my bag with my laptop in it. Karma's a bitch so I hope he gets hit by a truck or something.

The left screenshot is a complaint because he didn't give the money back to the owner. It means that he already has a history of being a thief. The right screenshot is his Facebook account. Not sure but I have a feeling that is his son.

I still consider myself lucky because I'm still alive and kicking lol I can replace my phone with an iPhone 7+ or 8 but still..... lol (I tried to be optimistic heehee) Be safe guys! Hold your phone tightly and don't leave it anywhere else! Unless you're rich and can buy an expensive phone right away lol this is surely one of the things I will never forget when I leave Vietnam. And to Thanh, the xeom driver who stole my phone, FUCK YOU. You might be smiling now, but soon I will have my revenge.