I'm going to Brazil!

I'm going to Brazil!

Photo: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2016-05-22-1463949471-6072763-BrazilFlagMap.png

I haven't booked for the flight tickets yet, but I'm already claiming it :)

Traveling, traveling, traveling... Just the idea of me on the plane, listening to music, looking at the clouds, and people watching at the airport excite me. There’s something about traveling that makes my heart race. And I know I won’t get to feel it in the next 8 months, but I am looking forward to flying again next year.

A month ago I had this idea in mind: I want to work in another country. A country where English is not the first language. And so I thought of South America and voila! Brazil popped up on my computer screen. After minutes of researching I found out that Filipinos don’t need visa to enter Brazil. Yay! But the airfare is quite expensive. I can use that amount of money to fund my trip to Japan or South Korea or other neighbouring countries. But why am I still into Brazil?? 

1. It’s in South America. Come on! Who doesn’t want to visit Latin American countries?! Imagine flying to the other side of the world and meet wonderful (or more like gorgeous) people there :)

2. Portuguese has got to be one of the sexiest accents. Especially when a good-looking guy speaks it. *wink*

3. I would really love to volunteer as an English teacher. I know I can volunteer in other countries, but it’s Brazil we are talking about. To be honest, if I would get a high paying teaching job there I would leave my life in Vietnam and settle down in Brazil. But actually the main reason boils down to number 4.

4. I met this amazing Brazilian guy on Reddit and ever since then my love for Brazil (and him) grew bigger.

I’m currently saving so I can book a round trip ticket in December. The money that I have right now is enough, but obviously I’m an adult and the ‘responsibility’ calls out my name during payday. I plan to leave in June 2018 since it’s the school’s summer vacation so I have 8 more months to plan and save for my trip. 

For number 4, I am willing to pursue whatever relationship I have with this amazing Brazilian guy and I will do what it takes to get my feet to Brazil. If you think I sound in love or cray cray for this guy, then you’re probably right. It’s so weird meeting those guys here in Vietnam who didn’t want to commit and finding a totally different guy who lives on the other side of the world and knows how to define a relationship. If I knew this would happen I would not waste my time, money, and energy on Tinder.

But then again, visiting Brazil and meeting the man of my dreams is like hitting two birds with one stone. I’m lucky and blessed. These are the words that best describe me at this moment :)

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡

(162): HOW TO: Obtain a Vietnam work visa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

(162): HOW TO: Obtain a Vietnam work visa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Just to give you some background, I've been working (legally) in HCMC, Vietnam for more than 2 years and the school sponsors our work permit. It means to say that we just submit the necessary documents (medical certificate, photos, and notarized copy of passports) needed to renew our WP.

In my previous post I mentioned that I stayed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a week while waiting for my working visa. Work permit and work visa are two completely different things BUT as long as you have either of the two, you're safe :)

Disclaimer: This is solely based on my own experience.

1. In order to get a work permit, you MUST have a business (DN) visa.
2. If you have a work permit, you can either have a business visa or a work visa but the latter is optional. (Business visa is more expensive because I had to renew it every 3 or 6 months. You can get a 1 year BV but it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. My work visa is valid for a year.)

But lets get to the main topic of this post. Just read on for more details.

July 28th - I left for Phnom Penh, Cambodia at 8 in the morning. In order to get a work visa, the rule is that I must be out of Vietnam for at least 7 days and PP is the "nearest" and/or the cheapest country to visit. I paid $18 for the bus ticket.

August 4th - My manager sent me a sponsorship letter that I need to show to the Vietnam embassy in PP. It's 3-pages long and is written in Vietnamese. I'm not sure but I think the letter says that, "the school wants to hire this person, therefore you need to grant her a working visa" LOL I had to wait 1 hour to retrieve my passport.

Advantages of having a WV:
1. No need to renew your visa every 3 or 6 months. 
2. WV is a multiple entry visa. It means that you can exit and enter Vietnam anytime you want (for a year).


My manager said it should only be $135, but the guy at the embassy claimed that if the visa is rush they add 15% (not sure) from the original price. He also said that I can pay $135, BUT I need to wait 3-4 business days. There's no way I'm going to extend my stay in PP. 

By the way for others who were asking, I don't know if the price of WV is the same in other countries. I heard that it's more expensive to get a WV in the Philippines. So if you're already in Vietnam, your best bet can be Cambodia or Thailand. :)

So there you go! Those are the things I did to obtain a Vietnam working visa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It's as easy as 123, but the waiting game can be a pain in the ass especially if you're running out of moohlas.

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡

(161): Back in my shell

(161): Back in my shell

Hi guys! I know I’ve been MIA for the past weeks (or month). I’ve been busy with so many things. I was broke (and still am) for weeks – I spent a lot of money in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (details after this). How have you been? If you ask me, I’m grand. Broke but grand. I will get paid tomorrow and Thursday next week so looking forward to receiving more ka-ching!

So what the hell happened to me over the past weeks? Read below:

1.    I went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the last week of July for my working visa. So many things had happened at the time and I don’t really want to go into details because of reasons. I stayed there for a week – imagine going out of the country for a week! (hence I’m broke) I had to pay $196 for my working visa plus accommodation ($34) plus food and transportation. Glad I went through with it! Here are some photos I took during my visit:

2.    School year 2017-2018 had officially started on the 7th of August so yep I’m back to work! I work the whole day every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and half day (in the afternoon) every Tuesday and Thursday. Not bad, right? The language centre I work at also gave me more teaching hours so starting in September I will work 6-7 hours during the weekends. I have to work 7 days a week again lol

3.    I’m seeing a French guy. I don’t really want to say “I'm dating a French guy” because dating does not exist in France (based on my research). And I don’t want to say he’s my boyfriend because there’s “no talk” about it – it just happened. I meant the kiss. I first met him on Tinder and we met in person during his 2nd day here in Vietnam. I was not expecting that our friendship will take us to the “next level”. On our third dinner together we had Filipino foods and then went to Bui Vien for drinks. I think each of us had 4 glasses of craft beer so you can say we’re kinda tipsy after that. We headed to Donkey (a famous bar in BV) and the famous French kiss happened. I have no idea how many times or how long we kissed; all I know is that we both enjoyed our time together. Three days later we met again for dinner and when I arrived he kissed me on the lips. I was like, “wait what?” I pretended I was not surprised but at the back of my head I was screaming for happiness (???????) I mean I am physically attracted with him the moment I saw him because he looks very handsome and manly (well Europeans are good looking! No doubt about it) We still see each other until now and it has now become our tradition to kiss on the lips when we arrive and leave at our meeting place. There are just two things that bother me:

a.    I don’t know if we are a couple because there’s really no talk about it but we kiss so…. I don’t know what I’m blabbing about but for me it’s not official cus we don’t talk about labels. I’m one of those people who still need to label relationships (BEEN THERE DONE THAT). I don’t know about him but whenever we go home he kisses me three times on the lips and I think that’s very romantic. BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? JUST DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP! One of these days I will have the guts to ask him the infamous question: What are we?

b.    He’s leaving for Canada then France on the last week of September and I am not sure if he’s coming back. If God hears my prayers then I’ll be lucky. If not then better luck next guy, Kattie.

It's weird and sweet at the same time how French people make a big deal about the kiss. I read that if you kiss him or vice versa, then congratulations! You are now exclusive and in a relationship. Of course that does not work for every French people, but it's kinda applicable to my situation. (What do you think?) Don't worry I'll make a separate blog post about this.

4.    Recently I’ve been watching a lot of French movies and out of 4 or 5 I have watched, there’s only 1 I liked the most. I like watching romantic comedy movies but there’s always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS (I don’t know how much more I should emphasize this) cheating/infidelity involved in the story and some of the characters SEEM ok about it. I know it’s just a movie but somehow it reflects the culture of a country (talk about the French previous presidents lol). I talked to Adrien about it and he asked me to choose between: accept it and move on or be single at 45? My answer: be single at 45. I don’t want to be a martyr for love. If you’re not happy, leave. Avoid abuse; accept annoyance. Who cares if you’re single/single mother? That’s why you work to earn money. Seriously though. Again. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. Can’t argue with that. But I’m going to argue with the fact that cheating/infidelity is UNACCEPTABLE and I won’t tolerate it.

5.    Going back to the previous topic, I already deleted my Tinder app. My account is still there but my profile is hidden so for sure no guys will be able to check it. If you’re asking why I deleted the app, well the answer is obvious. I don’t need to meet other guys if I’m already seeing this French guy a.k.a Adrien.

6.    When it comes to being punctual, I am proud to say that I have improved. When I meet Adrien or friends, I make sure I arrive ahead of time. Also, I’ve never been late in class except the time when it was raining heavily and the Grab driver took 48 years to pick me up.

So many things had happened/have been happening around me and I’m telling you this is just a gist of my story. I really need to get my shit together and get back into writing. You have no idea how much I missed blogging. I was stressed when I came back to Vietnam because I had little money left and had to wait 3 weeks before I get paid. I still check my blog from time to time to see what’s up but I was not in the mood to blog. Now the long wait is over because I’m getting paid soon and I can spend my hard-earned money on clothes and food and whatnot (but I owe people a lot of money so….)!!

I’m guessing this has got to be one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever written. Sorry not sorry. It’s understandable since I didn’t blog for more than a month. To end this, I’m still here. Still alive and kicking! Looking forward to getting more work and $$. The future is bright and so am I :)

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡

(160): Is it lust or love? | Tedx Talks

(160): Is it lust or love? | Tedx Talks

I've been recently hooked up on watching Tedx Talks about dating or relationships or other stuff but this one's caught my attention (aside from John Gray's "Mars brain, Venus brain").

I'll summarize this talk by Terri Orburch and write my thoughts about it.
According to her there are 4 specific signs that differentiate lust from love:

1. Connection. When you're in love, you want your partner to connect with all the important people in your life. 

2. When you use "we" language rather than "I" language. If you were in love, you would tell me, "We went out to dinner" or "We went to the movies" rather than "I took Sandy to the movies" and "I went out to dinner".

3. Self-disclosure. Love motivates us to reveal extensive information about ourselves to this other person. When we're in love, we want to tell this other person about our dreams, about our aspirations, our goals, the past, the future. 

4. Influencing one another. When two people are in love, what one person does or wants to do, influences the other person in meaningful and strong ways. You would want to go to your partner before you make a decision. 

So if you're in a situation wherein you're confused as to what relationship you have with the other person, take a look at these signs and see for yourself.

My thoughts:

I'm on Tinder (idk why people are ashamed to admit that they use Tinder. I'm single so y not?!) but whenever I have a match I don't always message them first. Again, here goes the "if he likes me he'll send me a message" saying from yours truly which is so wrong, but still applicable for some situations. Anyway, that's beside the point. Out of all the 22 matches, I had a chat with 8 guys and 2 of them just want to have hookups. I mean, girls if you like that idea then go for it. It's just that, it's not for me. A relationship is not a relationship without sex, but I want to get to know the other person first. I want to build a connection before we jump right to bed. Lust can turn into love = that is correct. One of my friends had a hookup with someone she met on Tinder and now they're together for 4 months. I mean, hookups can turn into relationships. But then again, it's not my thing. I want to feel in love with the other person before we sleep together. Isn't it nice to have sex with the guy you love? Like, when he's on top and you look him in the eyes, you feel the deeeeeep connection. You feel the burning love inside you. Inside the both of you. Isn't it wonderful? I'm pretty sure you get the picture because it's TMI. 

To make it short, affection - love - make love. 
Hope it makes sense. Cus I'm really bad at explaining and my writing skill is getting rusty.

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡

(159): What I deserve is consistency

(159): What I deserve is consistency

Dear girl,

No, he's not busy. No, his phone didn't die. No, he didn't forget to text you back. No, it's not that he hasn't been on his phone. No, it's not that he doesn't have service. If you're not hearing from him, that's because he has nothing to say to you. If you're not hearing from him, that's because he isn't thinking about you. If you're not hearing from him, that's because he doesn't miss you. No, it's not because he "sucks at texting back" and it's not because he doesn't call you back in 5 minutes like he says he would, but it's simply because he doesn't want to. No, it's not because he isn't receiving your texts and tells you "I never got it" when it clearly says "Delivered" right after you pressed send, but it's simply because he purposely ignores your messages and leaves you on Read or Seen. If he's not talking to you but he's able to be active on social media, that should be enough to show you that he doesn't prioritize you the way you prioritize him. Stop trying to convince yourself that you'll eventually hear from him. Stop trying to make yourself believe that there's a good reason as to why he isn't talking to you. Stop trying to force yourself to wait until he decides to make time for you. If he can't even do the little things like say good morning, ask you how your day is going, tell you about his day, and say good night to you so that you don't go to bed feeling unimportant, you need to let him go because what you deserve is consistency. 

A guy who cares
-T. Nguyen

**copied from Preach It on Facebook**

(158): I am an extroverted introvert

(158): I am an extroverted introvert

artwork by Heo Jiseon
Or maybe I am somewhere in between. Hanging out with a lot of people for hours exhausts the hell out of me! I miss spending time alone. I want to be alone. Socializing drains a lot of my energy. I even fake being happy and giddy sometimes!

Me when I want to go home and leave my friends:
"How do I tell them?"
"Guys, I really wana go home and be alone. Can you grant me your blessing so I can go peacefully?"
"I have social anxiety. Will you promise not to talk shit about me when I leave?"
"You'll be fine without me, right?!"
"I feel really tired and your company isn't helping at all."

There are times I don't want to meet people. There are times I ignore phone calls and FB messages not because I am mad but because:

1. I don't want to talk. Isn't it obvious?! I like to listen to music more.
2. I don't want to go out if you invite me for dinner or something. I understand you want company, but I can be selfish sometimes. I need my own company for myself. LOL. I want to watch Netflix or practice the uke or just do my own thing.
3. It's hard for me to say "no" to invitations. This is my BIGGEST problem and it just recently happened to me. A good friend of mine wanted to go swimming and I pulled out a happy face and said, "Sure!" but believe me or not, my brain hysterically argued and shouted "NO!" And no I don't want to go swimming. The reason I said yes is because I don't want to offend her (I know Kattie it's such a lame excuse I get it). PLS TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE???!!

BUT.............. when I'm always alone, I miss the company of my friends and reach out to them. It's confusing, right??!?!!
I drink with friends. I go to clubs with friends. I meet friends for dinner. I meet friends at church. These are proofs that I can be socially active!

To you who is reading this, don't get me wrong. I am not a bad person to my friends jeeez. There are really times we need our "me" or alone time to reflect and ponder. I am actually glad that my friends ask me out! It means they enjoy my company! But friends, I'm really sorry if I ignore your messages. I don't hate you. Whether you or I like it or not, I am an extroverted introvert and that's how I define it.

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡

(157): My succulent plants aka new babies

(157): My succulent plants aka new babies

Not all of us are born with a green thumb. But my grandparents especially my grandma was born with it. She loved planting sampaguita, roses, orchids, bougainvillea and other plants that I can't name. If she's still alive she will love these succulent plants I just bought today :)

Trust me, I didn't know succulent plants exist until I paid attention to Anne's Snapchat. I mean Heart Defensor has been snapchatting her tiny plants for God knows how long and I wonder why I didn't bother to at least google it or know more about it (Sorry if you're clueless about the names; they're two of my fave Youtubers and they're best of friends huehue). It was just two days ago when I decided I wana get my own succulents. I watched Anne's snaps and she was giving names for her plants (she's got indoor cacti and fig tree) and I find it sooo adorable. After minutes of researching about succulents I discovered that they are low maintenance plants which do not need too much TLC. And you also don't need a green thumb to grow them :) 

Let me introduce you to my babies!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the name of this plant is Echeveria elegans. But I named it Gu-gu because of the movie The Boss Baby! I don't know why I chose it; I just looked for a plant that's my type. All succulents are cute and adorbs but you just gotta pick the one that fits your personality and all that jazz so I got this. Ain't Gu-gu a cutie?!

Next is Ga-ga cus Gu-gu isn't complete without Ga-ga. You know what I mean? Gu-gu-Ga-ga? Oh god I'm obsessed with The Boss Baby! :p Moving on, this plant is called Sedum Morganianum aka Burro's Tail. According to Google this is a trailing succulent and a very low maintenance houseplant. And it grows up to 3 feet long!! My balcony would look amazing with this!

Sedum morganianum is a tropical species that has long been grown as an ornamental for its distinctive, evergreen foliage. Because of its trailing stems, burro’s tail is best grown in containers where the stems can hang down vertically. Hanging baskets, urns, or large pots on pedestals all showcase the pendant stems.
Last is this Black Prince Echeveria aka Chiweenie. And please, don't argue with Chiweenie. It's my favorite English word... if that's an English word. Try to say "Chiweenie" without smiling :)))

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ is a slow and low growing succulent plant. It produces clumps of short rosettes up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide with thin dark triangular, blackish leaves. These leaves first emerge greenish but darken to a deep lavender brown and with age the lower leaves widen out to as much as 1 inch (2.5 cm) at the base with an acuminate tip that has fine yellow edges. The dark red flowers appear on short stalks in late fall to early winter.

These are my succulents this morning right after I got them! But it's been raining nonstop so they're just sitting right in front of the balcony door. Chiweenie needs full sun so I'm more concerned with it's well-being. I just can't freaking wait from them to grow and be more beautiful for the people to see. I may not have a green thumb but I'll make sure to take care of them properly even though they don't need much TLC. I now have something to look forward to every morning when I wake up! :)

If you're in Saigon and want to buy succulents, click the link here. For the 3 plants + 3 clay pots I paid 101.000 VND or around $5. It's very affordable! It is true that happiness is often in the little things :)

Til my next blog post,

Disclaimer: I am not sure about their scientific names. I just googled the types of succulent plants and started my "research" from there.

(156): My top fave songs and lyrics

(156): My top fave songs and lyrics

I love music (c'mon, who doesn't?!) and singing is part of my everyday routine (got it from my dad. thanks pa!). I think it was 2 years ago since I last shared my top 10 favorite songs on this blog and I couldn't be bothered finding that post again lol. I love everything from pop to chill to indie to EDM and the list goes on! 

So without further ado, let's start with my most fave at the moment:

We are just like the waves that flow back and forth
Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning and you're there to save me
And I wanna thank you with all of my heart
It's a brand new start
A dream come true
In Malibu
Can we just talk how perfect she is in the music video?! Man, this is the real Miley Cyrus. I'm a fan! She looks so happy and full of life! I wish I was in love while listening to this. But either way I am in love with Malibu! ♡ 

We all want someone, we all want something
We want everything, we have anything
I don't have someone, I don't have something
I have stopped trying, I got sick of crying
A lot of you probably don't know Noah and this song. Don't worry I used to be in the same boat until I started listening to Cigarettes After Sex (they are good, too!) and my autoplay on Youtube was on. I discovered this song 5 months ago before I travel to Da Nang with friends. I highly recommend you guys to listen to this song while on the road. IMO this is one of the BEST road trip songs ever! The rhythm and the beat is dope!!

I am the hunter, I am the great unknown
Only my love can conquer
I am the, I am the hunter
I am the hunter, into the wild we go
Give up your heart, surrender
'Cause I am the, I am the hunter
I found out about Galantis through their song Runaway (U and I). I can say that I'm a hunter myself; a hunter for good music :) If you're into electronic songs then give this song a try!

4. AJR - Weak
Duuuude, the lyrics is soooo relatable to me IN SO MANY WAYS!! The lyrics actually got me because ya know, I used to be weak and things like that hueheuheuheue :))

"No thank you" is what I should've said, I should be in bed
But temptations of trouble on my tongue, troubles yet to come

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I give in so easily
And no thank you is how it should've gone
I should stay strong

But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?
Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that
I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?
Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that
I'm weak
But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?
Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that
(Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that)
I found out about this song while I was listening to live streaming of pop songs on Youtube. I think it was Hunter.FM radio and it's live 24/7! I tune in every single day to discover new songs, so say hello to Weak!

Cause in my heart and in my head,
I’ll never take back the things I said
So high above, I feel it coming down
She said in my heart and in my head
Tell me why this has to end
oh no, oh no

I can’t save us, my Atlantis, we fall
We built this town on shaky ground
I can’t save us my Atlantis, oh no
We built it up to pull it down
If you're looking for a break-up song then don't look any further (I gotchu, homie), Seafret is here to make your heart calm (although the lyrics are brutally honest hehe). But better be honest than fake your happiness. Been there done that. 

This is actually a pretty sad song a fallen relationship. What's got to end must end. There's really relationships that can't be saved no matter how much effort you've put into building it and you just gotta give yourself a pat on the shoulder and move on. No point crying over spilt milk.

Alright, so those are my top fave songs at the moment. Lemme know if you're familiar with them and maybe we can have a chitchat about it :) You can also share your current fave song with me! I'd love to listen to new songs!

Til my next blog post,

(155): The Invitation

(155): The Invitation

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty even when it is not pretty every day. And if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, 'Yes.'

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children.

It doesn't interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.


(154): A short open letter to that rude Vietnamese taxi driver

(154): A short open letter to that rude Vietnamese taxi driver

First and foremost, fuck you too. But no, I'm not going to say that to you in person nor will I give you the middle finger. I choose to be kind. I choose to be grateful because you drove us off to school. I choose to be patient and understand the language barrier between us. I just don't find the need for you to flip me the bird. What for? I did not directly see it, thank God I didn't, but at the corner of my eye I know you were telling me to fuck off. And I wish at the time I had a gun to shoot you right away. Or I was near to break your middle finger. Or punch you in the face because you deserve it. But no, I choose to be silent and ask myself, "how could people be that rude?" What's going on in their mind? What we did was nothing for you to fuck me off. All we ever did was tell you to stop near the school's gate because it's raining and we don't have a fucking umbrella. I still think you're a nice person and you have a decent job to feed your family. But your job description didn't include giving the middle finger to your passengers when you get pissed.

I may sound like a whiny bitch. As I said up there I choose to be kind. But not today. Fuck you. Again.

Til my next blog post,

(153): Girl, you gotta put a label in your relationship

(153): Girl, you gotta put a label in your relationship

So what are we? Are we friends? Are we more than friends? Doesn't it suck when you're not sure what your label is with someone? Being in between friends & lovers is the worst position to be in. Cause your feelings are for them, but their feelings might not even be for you. You're crushing on only one person, but they're crushing on more than one person. You're sending clear signals about how you feel, but they're giving you mixed signals cause one minute, they're flirting with you & convincing you you're special, next minute, they just wanna be friends.
Original post from: https://www.facebook.com/Bookstexts/posts/1857546777853482

(151): Know the difference between these two men

(151): Know the difference between these two men

You gotta understand the difference between a man who speaks to you on his free time and a man who frees his time to speak to you. You gotta understand the difference between a man who spends his time with you when he's not too busy and a man who's never too busy to spend time with you. You gotta understand the difference between a man who wants to see you because he misses you and a man who misses you enough to go actually see you.

(150): Things people will say when they read this

(150): Things people will say when they read this

Last night was not a typical night for me. I had dinner at a Filipino restaurant, ordered large size of ca phe sua da aka iced coffee, took a quick shower, went to bed with my laptop while sipping coffee, and slept before 10 PM. Yes, you heard that right – before 10 PM. Those nights are sooo rare. I’ve been sleeping late Every. Single. Night. so it became a big deal for me when I hit the sack early.

(149): My "past" update

(149): My "past" update

I reached out to my ex-boyfriend. There are 3 reasons why:

1. I want to know how he’s doing. Not because I want him back or anything. I think I had this guilt inside me. And I wouldn’t be contented unless I know he’s feeling ok. Or perhaps better, after breaking up with him.

2.  I miss our good times together. Not him. I’m over that phase already where I miss the person and would go berserk if I don’t send him a message or hear his voice.

3. I want to know he’s okay so I can feel the same way. We had closure, yes, but he used to cut himself when he’s depressed and according to him he’s bipolar. Not sure if he’s clinically diagnosed with it and the last time I saw him was 2 years ago so I can’t really tell.

(148): 13 Reasons Why I'm Happy

(148): 13 Reasons Why I'm Happy

1. Good food
2. Netflix (binge watching The 100)
3. Lovely room (with no curfew)
4. Few but genuine friends/colleagues
5. Hanging out with close friends (eating dinner, drinking alcohol, or talking over a cup of coffee)
6. Listening to my favorite songs (I do believe I have good taste in music hehe!) **currently listening to Lord Huron - The Night We Met from 13 Reasons Why**
7. A job to support my needs and wants
8. Currently in the process of learning something new. i.e. driving a motorbike