♥ (136): First trip in 2017: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Hi guys! I started my 2017 with a bang!! I traveled to Mui Ne with my colleague, Sir Jao, on the 1st of January and boy was I excited as hell!! Mui Ne is in the Southeast Vietnam and it's a 6-hour bus drive (FUTA bus line) from Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). 

There are so many firsts in this trip! I felt like a kid to be honest :P

D A Y 1 
1. Let's start with New Year. In my 26 years of existence on this planet Earth, it's my first time to travel on New Year's Day. This is one of the biggest holidays in the Philippines so why travel?! But since I was not able to spend the holidays with my family back home, why not go out of the city for once and enjoy my day off :)

2. It's my first time to stay in a 5-star hotel. Yep, you heard me right. It's not that I'm poor or whatnot, but I'm not the type of person who will splurge my money into a fabulous accommodation when I travel. A nice bed to sleep and a private toilet is enough. I'm a budget traveler if I say so myself. I can pay, it's just that I don't need an expensive hotel room. You get my point, right

Sea Links Beach Hotel
I just realized I didn't take much photos of the room cus everything was uploaded on Snapchat and I also took videos for my very first travel diary xD

3. I donned my golf attire an hour after we checked-in. Yes, I've never been into a golf course and I didn't know playing golf has a strict dress code. I'm a noob! 

Do I look like a professional golfer??????? 
Thank you to Ma'am Jessy for accompanying me to buy my golf attire! <3

This is only 10% of the golf course in this hotel xD
Sea Links Beach Golf
This is so beautiful! The camera is doing it justice this time :)
Hotel's lobby
On the night of January 1st we had seafood for dinner and met up with some friends from Saigon. We went to Novela/Sailing Club and had 2 bottles of white wine! Feeling tipsy, we then walked to Dragon Beach, had 1 more bottle of wine and shisha, and danced the night away! Went home at 2.30, took a shower, and went to bed. I was so knocked out I didn't even hear the alarm! I woke up around 8 in the morning, wanting to stay in bed for another hour, but we couldn't miss the fabulous breakfast in our extravagant hotel!

D A Y 2 

4. I've never been on sand dunes before so I'm adding this to my "Firsts Bucket List"! It is so sunny and windy here! To the point that even my ears and scalp have sand!! It's all over my body and I'm not even exaggerating! 

There's also quad bikes and dune buggies that you can hire, but it costs an arm so nope! Some people also left their rubbish in here! (Geez people why do you have to litter every fucking where?!) Wonder who did it.... Locals or foreigners? LOL

This looks edited or unreal, but it's not! I think that's my footsteps xD Felt like walking on the moon!

The picture doesn't do it justice! It's really a must see when visiting Mui Ne! There's also red sand dunes, but we decided not to go. We saw it on the way here, but I couldn't care less. It was really, really hot and the alcohol in my system hadn't left yet so on to the next destination!

Bye bye!
Last stop: Fishing village - that I don't like much. I'll tell you why. Just keep scrolling.

The photo doesn't do it justice, but the fishing village is full of colorful fishing boats mooring on the water. We also rented this small boat (see photo below) for 100k. 

BUT, I am not coming back here. Sea, sand, fun. Yes! But this place is EXTREMELY dirty. It's supposed to be a beautiful place, but what welcomed us was rubbish. People throw their trash in the sea... I can't wrap my head around it.. Look at the left side of our photo and you will see garbage scattered everywhere! Fish net, diapers, pair of trousers, and many more!! :<

Even on our way to the fishing village there's sooooo much rubbish on empty lots. It makes me sad how people are very undisciplined in disposing their garbage not only in Vietnam, but in other countries as well T_T I know I shouldn't generalize, but every single day that I go to work, I see people (kids and adult) throw their trash on the street. And then they complain about flood?!! Ugh... I can't reiterate how much hate I have for these people! (I know this is a travel post, but can't help but to rant about this behavior.)

We checked out at 10 AM before going to the white sand dunes. Our bus leaves at 10 PM and we had sooo much time to kill after visiting the fishing village. It was almost 3 PM when we arrived at the hotel and since we already checked out, we decided to stay at the pool :P

My pool attire LOL I don't have that beach body (yet) so this is all I can share for now. My tummy is my problem so wait til I get a flat stomach. Just wait xD I know people wouldn't bat an eyelid if they see me wearing bikini, but I am self-conscious so :)

Just imitating this kind of pose :P 

When you're sooo hungry you wouldn't care less if the food cost a fortune!

These are the photos from Sir Jao's expensive DSLR camera.

Riding motorbikes in Vietnam made my knees so dark! :< Let's just appreciate the background (and not my knees lol)

I took so much selfie, but this one is worth posting LOL this was taken on our last dinner in Mui Ne! 

If you're planning to visit Mui Ne, give it a go! I was so surprised to see so many white people there, mostly Russians! I felt like I was in Russia :D

There goes my "Firsts Bucket List!" :D I can't wait to travel more this month! Booked bus tickets and hotel rooms already for the 21st :) I will not say no to adventures as long as there's cheap accommodations on Booking.com lol
Also if you're keen, please watch my first travel diary that I edited using iMovie. I'm just a beginner in the editing world so constructive criticism is very much welcome here :)

What's your favorite place in Mui Ne? Let me know! :)