♥ (141): My third Mocbai border run

 Hi guys! I did my third visa run today and I must say I am quite pleased on how the process went through. This has got to be the fastest visa run I've ever done - probably because of Tet holiday(?)

Disclaimer: I'm a Philippine passport holder and my situation can be different to other passport holders.
Step 1: Go to Pham Ngu Lao bus station in District 1 and look for bus 703. It's color blue and there's number 703 at the back; you won't miss it! All you need to pay is 40.000VND or $2 and you're good to go! The bus left at 6.50 am and arrived in Mocbai at 9.10 am. It's supposed to be a one hour drive, but the bus stops in different locations so just be patient.

Step 2: When you arrive at the border all you need to do is fall in line for your exit stamp and walk your way to Bavet border. If you don't know where it is, just follow where the big trucks are going. It's just a 2-3 minute walk.

Step 3: Step inside the Bavet Immigration on the left for your entry stamp in Cambodia.

But hey guess what?! I was asked to pay 50.000 VND o_o I don't know what it is for.... During my 2nd visa run I DID NOT pay money for my entry stamp. I was SHOOK!! Vietnam passport holders did not pay for anything and my friend and I were the only Filipinos at the time....

Step 4: Walk your way out of the building and turn to your left to exit Cambodia.

I thought I don't need to pay 50.000 VND (during my 2nd visa run I paid 50.000 VND for the exit stamp) since I already handed money during the entry stamp but boy was I wrong. I paid another 50.000 VND and the officer said, "Salamat po!" (means thank you in Filipino). Yeah sure, you corrupt bastard!

Step 5: Walk your way back to Vietnam and head inside the blue building that has GC initials on it. Hand your passport, photo, and visa letter to the IO and she'll give you a form. The IO earlier was the same (female) IO who processed my passport last year and I was surprised because she was in a good mood hehe!

Oh and did I mention there's NO ONE at the building when we arrived?? Well, there's 2 Westerners but other than that, the place is ALMOST EMPTY! I breathed a sigh of relief because I get to go home early :) No hassle or inconvenience or long lines whatsoever!

Step 6: Pay the amount in VND or USD and wait for your name to be called.
3 months single tourist visa

Step 7: Fall in line again for your entry stamp in Vietnam and you're done and dusted!

Once you're out of the building walk your way toward the bus station (same location where you get off the bus from Pham Ngu Lao) and look for 703 bus. You have 3 options: 703 bus, luxury bus (50.000 VND), and a private car (100.000 VND). I chose the third one because it's way faster and I was starting to get HANGRY lol

In case you're wondering....

6.50 - 9.10 am - traveling time from PNL to Mocbai
10.45 am - done and dusted
10.45 - 11.00 am - drank something and waited for the bus to leave. I was told that the bus would leave at 11.30 so we chose to ride the private car instead.
11.20 - off to PNL
I arrived home at around 1.15 pm because I passed by Burger King for takeaway.

Expenses in VND:
40.000 - bus to Mocbai
100.000 - Cambodia's entry and exit stamp (50.000 each)
100.000 - private car back to PNL
750.000 / $30 - 3 months single tourist visa
570.000 / $25 - visa letter

If this is your first time to do border crossing, DON'T FRET! Just follow these steps and you're all good! I don't know why I was so tense before when the process is just as easy as 123. But of course this is case by case; I can't speak for everyone. 

Hope this post helps in any way! :)

Kattie ♡