(157): My succulent plants aka new babies

Not all of us are born with a green thumb. But my grandparents especially my grandma was born with it. She loved planting sampaguita, roses, orchids, bougainvillea and other plants that I can't name. If she's still alive she will love these succulent plants I just bought today :)

Trust me, I didn't know succulent plants exist until I paid attention to Anne's Snapchat. I mean Heart Defensor has been snapchatting her tiny plants for God knows how long and I wonder why I didn't bother to at least google it or know more about it (Sorry if you're clueless about the names; they're two of my fave Youtubers and they're best of friends huehue). It was just two days ago when I decided I wana get my own succulents. I watched Anne's snaps and she was giving names for her plants (she's got indoor cacti and fig tree) and I find it sooo adorable. After minutes of researching about succulents I discovered that they are low maintenance plants which do not need too much TLC. And you also don't need a green thumb to grow them :) 

Let me introduce you to my babies!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the name of this plant is Echeveria elegans. But I named it Gu-gu because of the movie The Boss Baby! I don't know why I chose it; I just looked for a plant that's my type. All succulents are cute and adorbs but you just gotta pick the one that fits your personality and all that jazz so I got this. Ain't Gu-gu a cutie?!

Next is Ga-ga cus Gu-gu isn't complete without Ga-ga. You know what I mean? Gu-gu-Ga-ga? Oh god I'm obsessed with The Boss Baby! :p Moving on, this plant is called Sedum Morganianum aka Burro's Tail. According to Google this is a trailing succulent and a very low maintenance houseplant. And it grows up to 3 feet long!! My balcony would look amazing with this!

Sedum morganianum is a tropical species that has long been grown as an ornamental for its distinctive, evergreen foliage. Because of its trailing stems, burro’s tail is best grown in containers where the stems can hang down vertically. Hanging baskets, urns, or large pots on pedestals all showcase the pendant stems.
Last is this Black Prince Echeveria aka Chiweenie. And please, don't argue with Chiweenie. It's my favorite English word... if that's an English word. Try to say "Chiweenie" without smiling :)))

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ is a slow and low growing succulent plant. It produces clumps of short rosettes up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide with thin dark triangular, blackish leaves. These leaves first emerge greenish but darken to a deep lavender brown and with age the lower leaves widen out to as much as 1 inch (2.5 cm) at the base with an acuminate tip that has fine yellow edges. The dark red flowers appear on short stalks in late fall to early winter.

These are my succulents this morning right after I got them! But it's been raining nonstop so they're just sitting right in front of the balcony door. Chiweenie needs full sun so I'm more concerned with it's well-being. I just can't freaking wait from them to grow and be more beautiful for the people to see. I may not have a green thumb but I'll make sure to take care of them properly even though they don't need much TLC. I now have something to look forward to every morning when I wake up! :)

If you're in Saigon and want to buy succulents, click the link here. For the 3 plants + 3 clay pots I paid 101.000 VND or around $5. It's very affordable! It is true that happiness is often in the little things :)

Til my next blog post,

Disclaimer: I am not sure about their scientific names. I just googled the types of succulent plants and started my "research" from there.