I'm going to Brazil!

Photo: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2016-05-22-1463949471-6072763-BrazilFlagMap.png

I haven't booked for the flight tickets yet, but I'm already claiming it :)

Traveling, traveling, traveling... Just the idea of me on the plane, listening to music, looking at the clouds, and people watching at the airport excite me. There’s something about traveling that makes my heart race. And I know I won’t get to feel it in the next 8 months, but I am looking forward to flying again next year.

A month ago I had this idea in mind: I want to work in another country. A country where English is not the first language. And so I thought of South America and voila! Brazil popped up on my computer screen. After minutes of researching I found out that Filipinos don’t need visa to enter Brazil. Yay! But the airfare is quite expensive. I can use that amount of money to fund my trip to Japan or South Korea or other neighbouring countries. But why am I still into Brazil?? 

1. It’s in South America. Come on! Who doesn’t want to visit Latin American countries?! Imagine flying to the other side of the world and meet wonderful (or more like gorgeous) people there :)

2. Portuguese has got to be one of the sexiest accents. Especially when a good-looking guy speaks it. *wink*

3. I would really love to volunteer as an English teacher. I know I can volunteer in other countries, but it’s Brazil we are talking about. To be honest, if I would get a high paying teaching job there I would leave my life in Vietnam and settle down in Brazil. But actually the main reason boils down to number 4.

4. I met this amazing Brazilian guy on Reddit and ever since then my love for Brazil (and him) grew bigger.

I’m currently saving so I can book a round trip ticket in December. The money that I have right now is enough, but obviously I’m an adult and the ‘responsibility’ calls out my name during payday. I plan to leave in June 2018 since it’s the school’s summer vacation so I have 8 more months to plan and save for my trip. 

For number 4, I am willing to pursue whatever relationship I have with this amazing Brazilian guy and I will do what it takes to get my feet to Brazil. If you think I sound in love or cray cray for this guy, then you’re probably right. It’s so weird meeting those guys here in Vietnam who didn’t want to commit and finding a totally different guy who lives on the other side of the world and knows how to define a relationship. If I knew this would happen I would not waste my time, money, and energy on Tinder.

But then again, visiting Brazil and meeting the man of my dreams is like hitting two birds with one stone. I’m lucky and blessed. These are the words that best describe me at this moment :)

Til my next blog post,
Kattie ♡